Party Notes

Place for party notes…
Truly Random notes taken during adventure (take them for what they are worth)

  • Maresk Thorntounge-Shifter Druid
  • Nowhere-Tiefling Sorceror
  • Tannim-Dragonborn Warlord
  • Rothak Bataar-Goliath Warden
  • Kartok-Halfling Rogue

Seaburgh is a small community, composed mostly of humans and halflings. It is pretty far from any of the capital cities, and has little to no contact with any of them, existing pretty much on its own. It is a growing little burgh… mainly existing off fishing and some hunting. It lies on the southern part of the continent. The Bay of Rains (that empties into the nearby Endless Ocean) is it’s main source of sustainability. Across the Bay lies the ruins of the capital city that didn’t survive the Conjunction… ruins of a once majestic port city.

Clara Clove (halfling): pretty barmaid and mayor of Seaburgh hires the group to search out a path to a nearby town (Munstonville) located north along the river.

Thri Flamebeard (NPC): weilds a great axe, from one of the Dwarf clans that guards the mountain veins. Big belly laughs!

Made friends with a small band of goblins after saving them from a beholder and Kenku.

Dyrge gains ritual components worth 11 gp

Healing Potion (Tannim)
Terror Battle Axe (Dyrge)
Life Vine Hide Armor (Maresk)

Ironskin Belt (Rothak) Given to Rothak from Tanimm
70 gp, 127sp, 90cp, gem (100gp)

*Seaburgh sits on the coast of the Bay of Rains, named so because it always…rains. Dark clouds are ever present, seemingly centered over the ruins of Murasha (a ruined city near Seaburgh).
*Murasha is a dangerous place…though no on has actually gone in. The hunters claimed to have seen “ghosts” moving within the ruins. The water surrounding Murasha is full of sea serpents. People have claimed to have seen lights in the city at night.
*For the past few weeks, the hunters have been finding game very scarce, especially on the eastern side of the river.
*The bees have disappeared.
*Several people express their envy over the fine Seaburgh Stone Amulets bequeathed to the explorers.
*The town is a buzz (but not with bees) about the upcoming river expedition, now that the river has been scouted. Those brave explorers are the talk of the town.
*Ogre fear has permeated the town…children are now playing "Red Rover, Red Rover—Send the Ogre Over!
*The has been an annoying infestation of crows…what little farming that is done in Seaburgh is failing…even the goats are afraid.
*Clara Clove, the mayor, is beloved by her people, and is somewhat of a no-nonsense mayor. Though, she can be a hard woman to track down.
*Large black feathers have been found in the temple…and random other places in town…too large to be normal crow feathers.

Charleston – lead Seaburgh hunter
Tells of structure out near where Thri was last seen. Ogre was located near the structure (Gate Hold). Structure likely an opening to one of the Veins of the Earth (underground “roads”).

Ogre Drooj…Woo him with bard tunes…allows us to enter…finish the baddies…bring him a shield of honor as proof of his claim to the Towerbreaker throne…Drooj believes that the dwarven structure is his castle.

Gate Hold:
Gnome Rogue:
was captured…had a star shaped tattoo…talked about “she” meaning the big boss…left him as a prisoner in Seaburgh
—Luckblade +1…Delver’s Leather Armor (Rothak)…Thieves’ tools…Adventure’s kit…30gp 25sp
Gnome Warlock:
Killed…had same tattoo as the rogue
—Magic Dagger +1…50gp
—Book – star on front with sqiggly lines-notes on the magical stone door (ritual in the book for disenchant item, tensor’s floating disc)
—Bag of crystalline dust (residuum)
Treasure vault:
—Dwarven Greaves (Tanimm)…Flaming Warhammer +1-The Towerbreaker Clan emblem on it (Dyrge)…iron coffer (100 gp gem-x3…75gp)…shield with The Towerbreaker Clan symbol (“The Clan Rises”)
—Art work on the wall with The Towerbreaker Clan theme…carving on painting match carving on magical stone door (“The Fable of the Crumbling Castle”)
Attempts to open door:
—Tower…Crumbles…Clan…Rises ~~ Password for the Towerbreaker Clan Gate Hold
Room beyond the magical door:
—Fight dwarven statues…find trap door…disable trap…floor door opens to a hole in the ground…
Back at Seaburgh:
—Thri leaves to meet with his clan to tell them about the Towerbreaker Gate Hold…Thri belongs to the Flamespire Clan…He offers safe passage (bronze coin with his clan symbol) to our group if ever needed…gives his magic helm to the party
—Horned Helm (Rothak)

Dyrge gains ritual components worth 8 gp
155gp, 25sp, 3 gems (100gp each)

Loni (very old half-elf) – lived in the port of Murasha when he was a child. Nowhere speaks with him about Murasha.
Delvessa (clergywomen) at the temple…Rothak visits, inquires about the theft of the offerings…finds a black feather (kenku?).
A few dock workers (Gerrad and Tom) have gone missing. Dyrge and Kartock go to check out the docks. Maresk is in the woods hanging out. Rothak is checking out the temple. Gerrad was seen heading toward the tavern. Dyrge and Kartock head that way

*Spending the night at the temple then heading to the bee farm…Delvessa and Clara Clove (mayor) walk toward the temple…kenku shoots the mayor in the shoulder…battle ensues. Loot from the battle: 63gp, 65sp, healing potion (Kartock)
Kenku army attacked the town to get the gnome rogue. They took the rogue to the “roost”. The gnome was reluctant to be taken. Clara Clove and Delvessa seem fine and show no knowledge of the action taken by this “mistress”.
*Heading out after the raiding kenku/devourer party. East is the way we travel toward the city of Murasha. We set watch and stay the night. In the night we run into Orcs loyal to King Droog. Possible allies with the Orcs of King Droog? The orcs want us to kill “a bear with feathers”
*Continue on toward Murasha…enter the city…a minor magical aura eminates throughout the city…enter tunnel located in a tower near the opening to the city…battle ensues. Loot: feathers of a cockitrice (can be made into a poultice to reverse petrification)…32gp, head of a spear (deathstalker spear-Maresk)
*Next floor of the tower – 23sp, cloak (Cape of the Mountebank – Nowhere)
*Next floor – battle ensues—gemstone (100gp), 70gp, 57sp, ritual book-Dyrge (magic mouth, affect normal fire, create campsite, traveler’s feast, brew potion, phatom steed), 2 scrolls (scroll of enchant magic item & scroll of endure elements) stone shaped like a tile (weird magical aura-ritual Magic Mouth cast upon it)
*Top Floor – set traps galore and lure the kenku to the bottom floor to attack less numbers…killed a bunch…head back up to the top…ritual in progress…lots of nasties. Disrupted the ritual, release a Vrock! Loot: gem (100gp), 53gp, staff (staff of winter – Nowhere), potion of vitality, potion of healing, leather armor (armor of exploits – Kartock)

-Head to Owlbear cave to meet orcs…attack the owlbear. Loot: hide armor (bestial armor), totem (autumn harvest totem), 34gp

Dygre gains 18gp worth of ritual components.
189gp, 80sp, 2 gems (100gp each)—-from Rothak 28gp, 20sp

From examining the tile, it becomes obvious this is some sort of “advanced” magic mouth, or at least an augmented one. The trigger is easily discovered, and involves the brushing of feathers across the surface. The mouth that appears and speaks is decidedly feminine (though still made of stone). It speaks in a soothing female voice…

When the gnome arrives send him to me along with some of your flock’s finest warriors. I am being drawn toward that accursed tower, yet a means of entry still eludes me. I will see if the library holds any secrets to allow me passage… if not, I may have to find this Sewer Lord that I have been hearing about and see what knowledge it holds. The dogs have been on the move, be alert.

Grey Bird, your help in these matters has been invaluable and I apologize that I cannot aid you in defense of the tower. Retreat to the roost if need be, the theatre is defensible, you should be safe there. You and your flock will be rewarded, you have my word. May Alacar’s light shine upon you…

Well, since we haven’t gotten much more input I assume everyone is OK with this then….

So you return to Seaburgh. For 5 days.

I assume both ritual casters are going to learn all available rituals? You may want to pay attention to which skills are used in each ritual… some may be less advantageous based on your skill ranks.. but then again, there is always “assisting” to help out. Those of you learning rituals.. please keep track of your ritual books, when you learn one it is copied into your own book. The found ritual books you have can then be sold to someone else.

so during this time, what is everyone else doing?

You can use the time to cast the Enchant Magic Item ritual… you need to decide on the item to enchant, pick a Level 3 or lower, pay the cost – usually Lvl 3 weapons are around 700 gold – (I don’t know how much gold you have) and cast the ritual… anyone can do this. but the decisions need to be made.

Let me know if there is anything else you want to do during this time… the next adventure will start with the party leaving Seaburgh to head back to Murasha… I would like the downtime stuff taken care of before we game… so speak up if you want to do anything or you will spend the 5 days doing nothing.

Heading back to Murasha…see dead kenkus being thrown out of the tower where we battled previously…“clawed arms” (antler-like) are throwing…going to investigate via the rumble outside the tower…crafted undead-like creature (hyena skulls-Witherlings) starts tearing it apart but not eat it…we battle in the tower
Loot—23gp, 80sp, pearls (x2 100gp ea), Crown of Leaves (Maresk), Chime of Awakening (Nowhere)
Down in the sewers…find tracks and following (clawed/humanoid, maybe repilian)…traveling generally into the city…snake through the tunnels…come to a “river” of sorts and attempt to cross…Nowhere is attacked as he crosses…water battle ensues with Sahuagin (lizard people).
Loot—17gp, 32sp, pearl (100gp)
extended rest-used 5 rations and 2 sunrods.
Past the “river”…following Sahuagin and unknown booted feet tracks (duergar)…see lone sahuagin guard…Kartock stealths up to see what is going on, trips over his shoelace…Battle ensues with sahaugin, duergar dwarf, mudlasher…
Loot—75gp, 49sp, amber (100gp), pearl (100gp), Polyglot Gem (Dyrge), Elixir of Aptitude (Kartock), Restful Bedroll (Rothak)
Loot from the mudpit—13pp, key with a fish head on the end, Amulet of Resolution (Rothak), healing potion-x2 (Rothak/Kartock)
Past the utility room…more hallways and rooms….battle ensues with sahuangin
Water trap room???…trying to delay the trap to slow possible water from coming into the room
Drainage room…Sewer Lord Champion (Rumdax), duergar fighters, and sahuadin…Sewer Lord shows herself—-a black dragon. We told her what we know about the “she” that leads the bird people. We ask for knowledge of how to enter the accursed tower. The Sewer Lord believes us not powerful enough to enter the accursed tower. Rumdax mentions that it might in the old harbor district. She grants us the following knowledge. The sunken castle may hold another (the library may have another)…dragon leaves…battle ensues.
Loot—139gp, pearl x3 (100gp ea), key with a fish head on the end, Kruthick Potion, Vial of Black Dragon Bile-level 9 (x2), Augmenting Whetstone (Rothak), Ritual Book (with rituals & formulas written into it), Wand of Shield +2 (Dyrge), Dwarven Greaves (Kartock), Boots of Adept Charging (Rothak)
extended rest-used 5 rations and 1 sunrods.
Storage room…rations (20)…filled packs with rations & water
Work room…warhammer +1 (Dyrge)
Dwarves in the hallway!…battle ensues with duergar & dark mantle…alchemy lab
Loot—35gp, 25sp, pearl (100gp), vials of alchemist acid (4-level 1, 2 level 6), tanglefoot bag, warhammer +1, key with a fish head on the end.
Loot from sleeping rooms—45sp
Ritual components – 9gp worth.

extended rest-used 5 rations and 1 sunrods.
Tanimm in Seasburgh helping build town defenses…Charleston brings Tanimm to the Murasha city gate towers…sees a vrok
*The rest of the party—-book from female Duegar…looking at the ritual book…towerbreaker symbol sketch…Thri’s clan symbol sketch…another sketch that might be another dwarven symbol…list of people that have met with the sewer lord (emissary-dark elf, servent of the carion lord-crossed out, Gultreax-vulture, Lary Taviero-imposter? (Taviero is the ruling family that founded Murasha), Gloombrood the Black-slaves, Illoosuleh-?-even the sewer lord is unnerved by Illoosuleh)
*alarm goes off…noise in the hall…Sahaugin wearing robes is doing something on the floor…follow to catch him…symbols written in slime…symbols indicate 4 traps…attemping to disable traps (alarm-passed, acid-passed, acid-passed, acid-failed [take acid damage]-still active-passed)
*clearing out the hallway once again…big water trap room in front of the dragon is closed…the door has 3 key holes.
*Tanimm and Charleston heading to Murasha…battle ensues with orcs…nasty Droog orcs defeated…reach the gate towers…head down into the sewer…Charelston is staying back to watch the tower opening…finds a dead gnoll with a symbol (holy?
) in his chest…heads into the mud room and sees party across mud pit.
*Rest of the party—water coming out from under the door from the mud room…heading in…water pouring into room and battle ensues…see Tanimm across the mud pit
Loot: 20gp, magical trident (trident of great opportunity +1), scroll x2 (transfer enchantment, purify water)…perform transfer enchantment on Tanimm’s sword which renders the trident non-magical
*Party reunited…heading back to the gate tower and into the city toward the library…see fountain in the distance…Maresh sees a hyena (magic mouth tile-“dogs”), possibly runs with the gnolls…gnoll campsite
Loot: 82gp, 28sp, 80cp…herbal poultice-Rothak…potion (gravespawn potion-Maresk)
*Small building with movement…checking it out…gnoll sitting in the room…trying to use diplomacy…use force spell to pull the gnoll…Tanimm grabs him…Maresh grabs the item which is a small stone dog and tosses it to Kartok…Tanimm gives statue back…we leave…not much gained
*Find the library…cathedral like building…looking around…there is a hole in the roof…we see black feathers and other feathers…looking into hole, the library looks pretty beat up and kenku milling about…Rothak waits on roof all others go to front door…door sealed magically…move around the back of librarby to go through a window…battle in the library
Loot: 7gp worth in ritual components.
Second battle in the library…
Loot: 64gp, 23sp, 5cp…magical horn (Horn of Summons), small magical ruby (Watchful Ruby Eye-Dyrge)
Basement level of the library…Librarian’s Journal with black feathers serving as bookmarks-mentions a tome that feels the presence Shillastre the Multifaceted…carving of one of the pantheon of four-Aryn god of law…magical spectacles (Arcanists Glasses-Dyrge)…Map of Murasha (gives +5 to streetwise while in Murasha-Dyrge)
*To the residential district (librarian’s house)…find small painting of a woman (long blonde hair, elven, rainbow eyes, very beautiful)…altar
Loot: 1pp
*Off to the Temple: hear howling and cackling (gnoll/hyena army)…battle ensues
Loot: 90sp, 45cp…potion of healing (Rothak)…magical belt (Baldric of Time-Tanimm)…magical bracers (Iron Armbands of Power-Rothak)…potion (Gravespawn Potion-Tanimm)…magic cloak (Cloak of Distortion-Dyrge)…magic boots (Goblin Stompers-Tanimm [Dwarven Greaves goes to Maresk])
*Once again to the temple: plaza in front of temple…Maresk and Nowhere scouting plaza…they see something moving…temple is infested with kenku…battle with kenku ensues…another battle with grell, “she” (Sally Starlight), and others…Seaburgh amulet from Tanimm and Rothak given to Dyrge.
Loot: …stone pieces that Sally used to summon gricks-Dyrge

Kartock scouting mission…found the kenku roost…destroyed completely…duegar dwarves found dead from collapsing the roost from beneath…heading to gnoll to thieve the onyx dog statue from the gnoll…successful in stealing the Onyx Dog (Nowhere) from the gnoll.
During extended rest…6 rations used…read various books from the library…those that read gained skill bonuses.
Off to the Sunken Castle…raining/thunder/lightining/heavy winds…using Map of Murasha we transverse the city toward the castle…sinkhole appears where we believe the castle is supposed to be.
Down the hole…Tanimm is lowered down the hole (via 4 lengths of knotted rope) and sees an entire castle in the sinkhole…Nowhere is next to be lowered, sees black obsidian and iron gargoyles flying toward him…battle ensues with gargoyles
Loot: 10gp-ritual components
Castle (Ambriel family castle-power family in Murasha)…the castle 150’ beneath Murasha (via a sinkhole) which seems to be an opening into the Shadowfell…upon entering the castle courtyard ghostly images of the final moments of the people’s demise from what appears to be a large tidal wave although the castle does not appear to have suffered that fate.
Searching the Smithy: find Shield of Silver Light (Tanimm)
Searching the Stable: See a creature (hippogriff) that appears to be chained down, ill and infested by bugs (rot scarab beetles). They swarm up and attack the party…a hole appears in the stable floor and a umber hulk appears…battle continues
Loot: 15cp…20’ of chain and 2 locks (Dyrge)…4gp-ritual components
Extended Rest in hay loft of the stables…8 rations (2 went to Hippogriff) used
The Guard Towers (3) in store room of one of the towers we find 1pp…in another a Bag of Holding (Kartock) is found…the third has casks of oil.
Square Keep…middle floor-ghostly figures in barracks rooms look up at PCs-the ghostly image drops, undead creatures (wights) remain and attack…battle ensues…down to ground floor.
Loot: 42sp (top floor barracks)…plain ol’ brass bell (Dyrge), key ring w/ 3 brass keys, 23gp (middle floor barracks)…23sp, 13gp, plain ol’ brass necklace (Dyrge)…Magical Chainmail +1 (Dyrge)….Dwarven Chainmail +2 (Tanimm)…75sp, half-plate armor (Bag of Holding)
Circle Keep…Enter through door via the battlements…find officer quarters and weapon repair room…staircase leads up to top of Circle Keep…Ghostly figures (male & female) dancing then vanish…Head down to the middle level of keep, two busts in hallway-one is Ambriel (Lord of Murasha) and the other is Shyllastre the Multi-faceted mage Accursed Tower…in master bedroom of the keep a painting of Lord and Lady Ambriel in wedding garb…Ghostly Lord Ambriel primping in fornt of a mirror, then both vanishes…small closet with a secret door opening to a small room with a door (locked and trapped). Kartock disarms and unlocks door…enter room & find treasure chests, various treasures and a large cracked mirror-same as in master bedroom ghostly image (necrotic, psychic and teleportation magic-magical aura is off/broken but fixable, but beyond our skill)…Kartock inspects a treasure chest and it attacks!!!!…battle with Mimic ensues…down to ground level…ghostly dinner party going on…scene changes…large crowd Lady mising from throne…scene changes Lord throne knocked down, old women sitting in chair when ghostly images fades…paintings on wall…magical flame/fire (unholy aura/necrotic) in middle of the room (Altar of Shadow Flame)…conversation with old woman begins…turns into a hag…battle ensues…skill challenge to snuff out the flame is successfull…in kitchen a wooden spoon with YLG carved into it…loose brick in the larder
Loot: Magical Crossbow +1 (Dyrge), crossbow (Maresk), fletching materials and grinding wheel (Bag of Holding)…2 golden rings, emerald necklace, 52gp, 12pp…4 hippogriff stone carvings, misc. jewelry=300gp, 105gp, 232sp, 3 gems (100gp each)…non-magical orb (implement orb)…15gp-ritual components…Repulsion Cloth Armor +2 (Nowhere)…2 healing potions (Nowhere/Maresk)…2 bottles of wine (written in Eladrin Elven-Silver’s Gleaming Moondrop Ambrosia-very rare)…Scroll of Gentle Repose and Scroll of Discern Lies
Extended Rest in kitchen of circle keep…6 rations used

Oct 2, 2010
*In the Kitchen of the Circle Keep (long rest)…PCs decide to enter into the lower levels of the Circle Keep…bottom of the stairs round hallway leading both right and left. Doorway straight ahead eads to a storeroom for the kitchen-this room fills the center area of the lower levels. There are also 5 other doors facing outward from the center and there is another stairwell leading door.
*Door #1 (moving left from the initial stairway) door locked…Kartok unlocks it- personal chambers, possibly cooks quarters…aprons hanging with YLG stitched into them…Another door in the room-closet.
Loot: 40gp (strong box in closet)
*Door #2 – servant’s quarters
*Door #3 (moving past downward stairwell) – servant’s quarters
*Door #4 – Servant’s quarters
*Door #5 – locked – steward’s (Yolanda) quarters – journal found (contains notes about enjoying working for the Lord and family…later on he begins to dislike their choice…later on in journal-the lord’s secret is not safe any more)
*Down the stair to the next level (there is a landing with a door and stairs leading down) THe door leads to access to a well. This well access is under the hole in the courtyard leading to the well (if that makes sense). The well is very deep and water is below. PCs decide to lower Kartok down for no more than 150’ which is how much rope we have with us. Shaft goes down then opens up into a large cavern. Water is farther down.
*Down the stairs again-bottom of stairs is a big heavy wooden door…rectangular room with 3 doors (one door has a window with bars in it), tables and in one corner some weapon racks (guard room)
*Room with barred window – enter room (group holding room) and another vision appears (something about the prisoners escaping)
*Heavily reinforced door – noises come from the door…Minotaur (level 9) bursts through the door while other creatures burst in from other rooms…battle ensues with minotaur, Trap Haunts and phantom warriors. Minotaur lived here.
Loot: 10gp
Loot: Battleaxe +2 (Dyrge), 35sp, key ring with 6 keys from minotaur; Enchanting Components-minotaur horns and hooves
*Other door leads to a hallway, contains 2 prison cells…hallway leads to another door (torture chamber)
*Torture room – torture devices and implements
Loot: Gauntlets of Blood (Nowhere), 30’ of chain
*Now where to go…it seems that we have completed most of the areas in this keep…possibilities: go underground via the well, check out the hippogriffs, climb back out of the hole and continue back on Earthynn.

*Heading down the well…-10gp ritual components for Maresk to cast Tenser’s Floating Disk ritual. Dyrge casts the ritual as well. Kartok is lowered down with a tabletop on which to float, Dyrge and Tannim ride Dyrge’s floating disk, Nowhere and Maresk ride Maresk’s floating disk, Rothak is climbing down when (da, da, daaaaa) the sharks (level 10) attack! Battle ensues…


Loot: Enchanting Components-shark teeth and fins

**Extended Rest in room with the mirror…6 rations used

*Exiting the hole using another Tenser’s Floating Disk only to find that we are still in the Shadowfell…it seems that we had been too long in the Shadowfell and have now past into that plane and now must seek a way out. Murasha looks more like an ancient abandoned city as opposed to a city in ruins.
*Heading to the library…the Vrock (Gultreax) from the kenku roost is routing through the library looking for something…he recognizes us and we begin conversation…he offers to aid us back to Earthynn if we owe him a boon…If we kill the Sewer Lord the Vrock (Gultreax) will create a portal back to Earthynn (need to kill the Sewer Lord in 2 moon cycles)…We make the deal despite the non-verbal protests of Tannim and Rothak….we find the hippogriff and attempt to lead it to the portal the Vrock is making…spiders and other creatures attack-we must defend Gultreax while he casts the ritual…battle ensues…We hold back the spider horde and win our egress back into Earthynn.

Party Notes

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