Earthynn Online - Fylles Hole Recap

After an interesting sea voyage, Captian Ursus of the Ice Raven dropped you off on the docks of Fylles Hole. You made your way to the Squid’s Lament where Throkas and the Master had rooms and food setup for you. You learned a few things about the area in your short stay in the city, number one being that the “Hole” is a lawless and treacherous nest of slime and corruption. The “Haven”, across the water, has been closed off to those in Hole since after the Conjunction. The Haven is pristine and home to the rich and powerful. The Overseer’s Watch (an “army” under the control of whoever controls the Haven) has been known to abduct anyone causing trouble, or anyone seemingly of importance/power.

The late night meeting with Sally proved enlightening. Sally revealed that she was under the effects of a geas, put upon her be a very powerful entity she encountered in some ruins far to the south. The geas tasked her with discovering the origin and hopefully cure for a disease. She was currently inflicted with the disease herself which gets better/worse as she gets closer/further from finding the answer, and would eventually kill her if not completed. The disease leaves her fairly weak, but since arriving on the island, she was feeling much better – leading her to believe what she was looking for was on the island – she was on the right track. The entity she spoke with had great powers of foresight and told her that the disease would one day sweep across the main continent from North to South if not stopped, killing millions. Unfortunately for Sally, this was not the only geas whose influence she was under. There was another placed upon her when she was young, given to her by “those who she hears.” The two tasks were not compatible, though both could more forward on the island. Sally hired you again, to take up her “disease” geas while she dealt with other matters over in the Haven. Sally’s research led her to believe there is a tomb, somewhere on the island, that may contain the information she seeks about the disease. You are to find the tomb, and “verify its contents.” She gave you a small velvet bag that contained a “means to contact her.” Throkas and Sally left shortly after the meeting on their way to the Haven.

Not long after, a group of goliaths, seemingly directed by a tielfing woman and her sister (Brea and Senni), came into the inn, looking for the Master. Battle ensued, all but one of the goliaths were killed and the tiefling escaped. You secured your prisoner and grilled him for some information upon his awakening in the morning His name was Pallar and he was hired to grab the blonde woman by Brea and Senni. In regards to the Tiefling sisters, he knew they had dealings with the Overseer’s Watch, but he was just hired to grab the woman and bring her to a place they designated. The Watch pays well for outsiders and those sisters seem to be good at sniffing them out. You also asked him if he knew of any tombs. He said he did not know of any tombs, but the elders and sunspeakers would, but they were long gone. In exchange for his life, Pallar agreed to lead you to the meeting spot. The ruined warehouse he led you to contained a contingent of the Overseer’s Watch (tossing alch. fire) and their Captain (with his flaming warhammer) and Brea, the Tiefling woman. Battle ensued and Brea fled again, this time you gave chase through the city streets. Lisvahk overshot her location and galloped off into the city getting way off track. The others eventually caught up with her, and after a tough battle (for our already tired heroes) you managed to defeat her. Brea had warned, before she fell, that her sister was on the way, and she would get revenge.

You were battered and Bloodied and sought shelter in a small building nearby, hiding Brea’s body and yourselves in the rubble and refuse. Stealth and some magic trickery kept you safe to catch your breathe while Senni, and some more of the Watch arrived on the scene. After they cleared off, you returned to the warehouse. Finding the bodies you left there already looted, you investigated the inside of the warehouse. To your surprise there were two men, tied up in the corner. You set them both free, including one thug-like man who took off right away after saying he was there to “steal food from them”. The other man thanked you for the rescue and introduced himself as Ruiger, Magus Extremis of the Parliament Arcane. He and his two companions had been attacked a few weeks ago after arriving in the docks, he was the only one to escape. He had been hiding out ever since, talking to people, gathering information, trying to find any info he could about his companions (also members of the Parliament Arcane.) He found a ruined building near the city wall that he used as a semi-regular hideout. He led you guys there, and you settle in for a much needed rest.


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