Young Gods

The Pantheon of Four
*Teyah – Good
*Aryn – Law
*Unyssa – Chaos
*Rothn – Evil

The four young gods began to come into their own.. their forms taking more specific directions, influenced by the myriad of races who directly or indirectly paid them homage. They became known as the Patheon of Four. They are thought to be brothers and sisters (2 female, 2 male), and they are each linked to a different point on the “alignment compass”. It was not long before their names were known as well… Unyssa (f. Chaos), Rothn (m, Evil), Aryn (m, Law), and Teyah (f, Good). The Pantheon is worshiped all over Earthynn, and by lots of different races…and since they are still “young”, their forms are not solidified… they appear in different “guises” to different people.. and the interpretation of the gods profile also adapts itself depending on the followers.. Example: Humans, Halflings and Orcs are all original “impure races”, and they all (if they choose to follow a god at all) pay homage to the Pantheon of Four. Take Unyssa, Goddess of Chaos. A Human may view the goddess as a beautiful woman who often changes her face, donning masks and representing deception. An Orc might view her as the “Monstrous Mother”, a woman whose body transforms into different monstrous parts and represents destruction. A Halfling might see her simply as a Halfling traveler, constantly wandering over the landscape, representing travel and exploration. Different views of “Chaos”, different personifications and images.. but the same god. It is not uncommon to find a different depiction of the same goddess in different cities… the Pantheon of Four are nothing if not adaptable and accommodating. (the only thing that seems to remain the same is the gender of the god in question).

The Earth Mother

She is an enigma to the religious scholars of Earthynn. Not much is known about her. She does not have a dominion in the Astral Sea as most gods do; it is thought she dwells within the body of Earthynn itself. Some believe she isn’t a god at all, but merely a very powerful fey creature of some sort (and she does seem to hold sway over some forms of fey). Regardless of what she is, she has been gaining many followers in the more “wild” places of the world. (Most people living in the cities have never heard of her.) Earth Mother speaks to her people cryptically, often posing riddles to her followers.. she appears as a face in a tree, a whisper on the wind, or ripples upon the surface of a pond.

Young Gods

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