The Dawn Age

Early DA – The Primordials and the Foundation Gods exist out of the energy and substance of the universe.

Early DA – Gods and primordials create The Living Gate, closing off Far Realm.

Mid DA – Unnamed God entices Asmodeus to rebel. (Asmodeus succeeds and creation of the Nine Hells begins.)

Late DA – Unnamed God cast off and banished from the Astral Sea, Imprisoned within the Abyss. (Referred to as the Chained God henceforth)

Late DA – Primordials create Earthynn.

The Bright Age

154 AO – Tiamat passes over Earthynn. (Dragon-kind appear in ephemeral forms.)

207 AO – Eladryssa connects her essence to Earthynn. Her Ellohren are born.

365 AO – Rostuun fashions Dwarves and Giants from Earthynn’s bones.

525 AO – The Dawn War between the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos begins.

688 AO – Tiamat visits Earthynn – Dragon-kind evolve again. (Appear in more recognizable forms -Dragonborn rise in power.)

803 AO – Lesser races begin to emerge as other astral forces experiment.

835 AO – Giants defy Rostuun embracing primordial power

850 AO – Primordials lose Dawn War,(many depart or die, few enter an eternal slumber)

1565 AO – Ellohren culture unsurpassed (Ellohren reach all corners of the realm, Ellohren sky city created)

1802 AO – Dwarves and giant culture fragments, war erupts.

1915 AO – Signs of stresses begin to show in the natural world.


*World splits into the Feywild, the Shadowfell, and the Earthynn realm.
*Great devastation and upheaval strikes the realm of Earthynn.
*Dragonkind mostly die off.
*Elladryssa’s essence fragments.
*Ellohren race irrevocably lost. Three races of elves created and divided

The Cursed Age

35 AS – The Curse strikes Dragonborn.

211 AS – Giants embrace the turmoil to intensify the war with their kin.

235 AS – First believed presence of the Earth Mother.

298 AS – Dwarven subjugation by giants begins.

357 AS – “Impure” races begin rise to prominence. Humans at the forefront.

365 AS – Tielfings arise from seeds of corruption within humans.

370 AS – Eladryssa sleeps.

557 AS – Chained God puts forth demon-kind onto Earthynn. Demon War erupts.

560 AS – Demon War rages on. Asmodeus betrays the Chained God.

562 AS – Pantheon of Four establish domains in the Astral Sea.

569 AS – Demon War ends. (Chained God heard from no more. Demon Lords arise in the Abyss)

587 AS – Goliaths ally with Dwarves and manage to free them from Giant control.

The Expansion Age

800 AS – Impure races build and grow, making alliances and enemies.

805 AS – Eladryssa begins accumulating power to unite her people.

855 AS – Tiamat appears over Earthynn.

860 AS – Eladrin and Eladrow thrive/adapt in the mirrored realms. (contact initiated/elevs become first known travelers into Feywild/Shadowfell)

885 AS – Great human kingdoms become the norm. Elves and Dwarves solidify their holdings. (Great cities established – Rostundarum Hammer Hold-great dwarven city)

905 AS – Dwarven religious Schism.

965 AS – Barnaby Biggums begins educating the masses and pens first great novel. (“Barnaby Biggums Travels the World”)

1001 AS – First signs of the realms becoming closer. Few heed warnings, few understand.

1100 AS – Human arcanists combine their knowledge to discern the strange changes in the planes. (Parliament Arcane formed out of these meetings).

1205 AS – Parliament Arcane begins preparing for Conjunction of the realms several great cities are chosen to be havens.

1237 AS – Shillastre the Multifaceted refuses aid in protecting the great southern port city of Murasha.

1245 AS – World begins to suffer strange phenomenon as realms begin to overlap.


Early Conjunction Period – Devastation sweeps across the land geographical upheaval, natural disasters. Great scores of people lost. World plunged into darkness.

Conjunction Apex – The Living Gate explodes. (first appearance of aberrant creatures and psionic power source)

Late Conjunction Period – New races arrive: Eladrin, Gnomes, Wilden cross over from Feywild. Eladrow cross over from Shadowfell. Many creatures/monsters follow from both realms.

Late Conjunction Period – Three Realms Forced apart. Now reside closer to each other. Travel between the two still difficult.

The Modern – Reclamation Age

0 AC – Earthynn realm solidifies.

15 AC – Gnomes and Eladrin welcomed into Cellyssio.

40 AC – Shadow War fought between Drow and Dwarves within the Veins of Earth. (Drow lose, choose to go deeper into the earth)

82 AC – People begin to re-emerge and rebuild from the disaster.

84 AC – Sundrakk’s fiefdoms are lost during the Conjunction, overtaken by great expansive orc tribes. War begins.

106 AC – Communication begins to be re-established among the races. (Few cities survived the destruction. Gehrbonne, Sundrakk, Fylles Haven, the great Dwarf city Rostundarum and the Elven forest city of Cellyssio. Most cities are highly multi-racial as all peoples sought shelter within their borders during the Conjunction)

116 AC – Gehrbonne’s Highwaymen begin to retake the surrounding countryside.

122 AC – Fylles Haven (now called Fylles Hole by those unlucky enough to visit) isolated, now an island city. Struggles to survive against foul monstrous neighbors on their island.

134 AC – People begin to venture out to create new points of light in the darkness. Smaller communities and towns begin to develop and grow. (most become smaller subsidiaries of the larger capital cities for better protection, overflow from overpopulation)

155 AC – Small fishing town of Seaburgh established on the coast of the Bay of Rains.

161 AC – Sally Starlyte enters Prism Point.

162 AC – Our story begins…


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