The Weeping Nymph Inn

The small village of Garinham was and is quite unremarkable, save for the Weeping Nymph Inn. When the great conjunction occurred, the village was destroyed, but the inn survived. Even now, decades later, the inn stands in the wilderness, but now as an impenetrable, fortified, stone and metal structure. The master of the keep is Lord High Trinos (self titled). Once an up and coming adventurer, Trinos was offered a chance to earn some coin by cleaning out some rats and other vermin that were infesting the basement (thanks to large cracks in the basement caused by severe tremors during the conjunction). Once the job was done, Trinos offered to purchase the dilapidated building from the innkeeper, who, given that the inn was now in the middle of harsh wilderness, leapt at the chance. Trinos paid for the land with a fragment of Float Stone he claimed to have found on the body of a dead traveler. Over several years, and at very great expense, Trinos had the inn fortified into the small fortress it is today. Payments were made in gems, including Float Stone.

Trinos employs a group of merchants to sell the precious stone he seems to have limitless access to. To counter the dangers of nature, he had several armored wagons built that can stand up to threats of any kind. He makes his living selling tiny fragments of Float Stone to anyone that can pay his outrageous prices.

It is speculated that there is an immense deposit of Float Stone resting beneath the Weeping Nymph. It is thought that a ley line or nexus made contact with the deposit during the conjunction, resulting in the severe tremor and basement damage.

Trinos still lives, at the approximate age of 100 years. He is visited regularly by healers and alchemists to maintain his health.

The inn is still in operation, but caters mainly to the wealthy stone buyers.

The Weeping Nymph Inn

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