The Bard's Corner

Tal’s Dirge – Death in the Gap

Harsh winter winds blew…they always have in the Ferinn Gap.

Their beards thrashed like cyclones…tossing and turning haphazardly.

They were there because their leader told them they must…must stand against the coming dark.

They trusted Tal Warsmith with their hearts and lives…despite the opposition of the council.

“The giants will not attack this late into winter…the Gap will be closed.”

Tal trusted the scout who saw the Zoran giants coming…large and hideous moving through the cold.

He led his men out to defend the clan…anything to defend the clan.

They stood strong and brave…wave after wave of giants fell.

Black and shadowed Gloombrood strode…strode through the darkness of the winter night’s cold.

Diminutive, he was, for such a massive people…a master of obscurity and treachery.

The Black slipped past the dwarves…but attack he did not.

The morning brought forth new waves of giants…the dwarves fell on them once again.

From the back the vile Gloombrood struck…not with honor but with deceit.

Tal’s body wrenched as the blade drove through his back…erupting from his chest.

The cursed assassin vanished…slithered off into the shadows.

The dwarven lines broke…the giants surged forth.

They fought to die…to protect the Anvilrunner lands.

As the fiends filled the gap…one lone voice was heard.

A bellow from their leader came…loud and strong, defiant and proud.

Resounding off the walls of the Gap…the ground shook.

The mountain came down upon all…destroying both dwarves and giants.

The Bard's Corner

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