Seaburgh is a small community, composed mostly of humans and halflings. It is pretty far from any of the capital cities, and has little to no contact with any of them, existing pretty much on its own. It is a growing little burgh… mainly existing off fishing and some hunting. It lies on the southern part of the continent. The Bay of Rains (that empties into the nearby Endless Ocean) is it’s main source of sustainability. Across the bay lies the ruins of the great port city of Murasha which didn’t survive the Conjunction… The bay is constantly blanketed by rain and dark clouds, seemingly to emanate from the ruins of Murasha. The storms that swell over the bay seem to have started after the Conjunction, but have never dissipated. It does not always rain, but there are always dark clouds. The Bayside Tavern is a great spot for relaxing and watching the clouds over the bay…

Then city itself is built around a semi-circular patter with the “flat” part of the circle along the coast. There are several docks and shipyards along this avenue, while most of residents live in the center of town. There a several major roads/paths leading through town, but only a few large enough for wagons. These main “roads” intersect in a plaza in the center of the city. This plaza ties in most of the more important structures of the town and serves as a market and meeting place. The Temple of Four also resides in the the center of the plaza.

The Pantheon is seen as follows in the temple in Seaburgh (paintings on wooden panels, hung within the temple):

Unyssa – Goddess of the storm and waves… she appears as a woman striding the deck of a ship during a turbulent storm.. wind and lightning swirl about her. Her face one of anger and determination, her mouth wide, shouting at the storm. She wears blue and purple cloth, strapped tightly to her slender form, and her long dark hair flies wildly in the wind. The perspective is very odd, and allows for interpretation of the figure as halfling or human-sized.

Rothyn – God of the depths and death. Rothyn’s depiction is simply a panel painted solid black (though the paint is uneven and wildly applied)... nothingness and darkness. The darkness and emptiness lying at the bottom of the waves. Flowers are left at his panel, for those lost at sea.

Aryn – Law and Order. Aryn is shown as a stately looking man, possibly a merchant or governor (very wealthy dress). He stands on a pedestal overlooking the sea, his arms outspread. The sea is calm and flat, and ships sail in the distance. His dark hair short about his head with slight touches of grey, his eyes a crystal blue color, shine in the light. His eyes are depicted to stare straight out at the viewer of the panel. (again, the perspective is “off” allowing him to appear halfling or human)

Teyah – Teyah is the caregiver, and the Mother of Seaburgh. This depiction of her is distinctly Halfling.. a woman carrying bundles of food and smiling as a crowd of people, mostly children, gather at her feat. The people of Seaburgh often pray to her when new babies are born, and she is the patron of mothers and teachers.


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