The god responsible for the creation of the Dwarves and the Giants. Rostuun often appears as a “dwarvish” humanoid, though he is always depicted giant-size. Different sects within his religion depict him to meet their needs.. sometimes clad in armor, others sitting atop a massive stone throne, and still others as a craftsman, wielding hammers to forge stone and metal alike. The uniformity lies in his large stocky frame and heavy thick beard. He is seen as an “old” dwarf, his hair and beard silver, his armor bronze and worn. His chosen weapon is the Hammer, in all its forms. His eyes are always opaque, often glittering with swirling dust and specs of “sand.” The greatest of his statues, in the central Temple of his faith, was created with actual diamond dust in his eyes. Other more mundane statues depict his with eyes left open, carved out, empty orbs.

His creations have always been at odds with each other, and some philosophers believe this was intentional. That Rostuun purposefully made his people war with each other to create an atmosphere of constant challenge. Through this challenge and constant focus of purpose would his people truly achieve their greatness.

Other fail to believe their creator would give them such a dangerous life, and simply feel the Giants betrayed Rostuun and went against his wishes for their own twisted purposes.

His creation of Dwarves and Giants is actually a simple thing compared to his legacy as the God of Time. It is said he sees the strands of time flowing, he sees all possible time lines, sees where they converge and meet, where they twist and ebb, and he is forced to contain these visions and control their effect on the world. He is the steward of these flowing lines of time, never interfering, simply absorbing and seeing their paths. (hence the often elaborate depictions of Rostuun’s eyes) His symbol is an hourglass and hammer combination.


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