Party Loot

Group Items (carried by Dyrge)

  • Cash: 30pp, 58gp, 9sp, 5cp
  • Gems:
  • Jewelry:
  • Ritual Components (Ritual Type):
    Alchemical Reagents (Arcana) – 98
    Mystic Salves (Heal) – 80
    Rare Herbs (Nature) – 9
    Residuum (Any) – 171
    Sanctified Incense (Religion) – 49
  • Scrolls: endure elements, purify water, gentle repose, discern lies
  • Potions: of reverse petrification, of resistance-acid (x6), of healing (x5)
  • Alchemist Items: alchemical fire (Level 6), alchemical Frost (level 6)
  • Whetstones: whetstone of venom (level 9), augmenting whetstone (level 11)
  • Bronze Coin (from Thri Flamebeard)
  • Fish Head Key (3 different keys)
  • Key Ring w/ 3 brass keys
  • Key Ring w/ 6 jail cell keys (from minotaur jailor)

Group Items (carried by Kartok in Bag of Holding)

  • Broken Mirror (needs to be mended for teleportation to Prism Point)

Group items stored in chest in Seaburgh

  • Towerbreaker Shield
  • Magic Mouth Tile

Items used but not replenished

Party Loot

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