House Rules

Item Rarity in Earthyyn

Common Items – Can be purchased or crafted.

Uncommon Items – Cannot be purchased. Can be crafted by PCs but requires an additional +50% cost and requires twice the time. Uncommon items that are Consumable can be purchased, but are difficult to find (maybe only 1d4 of a given type available in large cities, cost is increased +50%).

Rare Items – Cannot be purchased or crafted.

Artifacts – Cannot be purchased or crafted.

Ritual Components

Must be used when performing rituals. You cannot just “spend gold.”
Each visit to a city/town yields a set amount available for purchase.

Availability Rolls-
Large Cities: Normal – d100, Restricted – d20.
Small Towns: Normal – d10, Restricted – d6.

Alchemical Reagents (Arcana)– Powered metals, rare earths, acids, salts, extracts from creatures like dragons or basilisks. Purchased from alchemists, apothecaries, and magic dealers. (Normal Availability)

Mystic Salves (Heal)– Salves that are dabbed or painted on creature being healed. Purchased from alchemists, healers, and churches/temples. (Normal Availability)

Rare Herbs (Nature)– Usually collected and preserved during certain times of the year. Purchased from alchemists, apothecaries, and healers. (Restricted Availability)

Residuum (All)– Magical substance drained from magical items. Purchased from alchemists and magic dealers or through disenchanting magic items. (Restricted Availability)

Sanctified Incense (Religion)– Burned as a powder or a stick. “Purchased” by making a donation to churches/temples, sometimes available at alchemists. (Normal Availability)

Alchemical Reagents can be gathered from significant monsters (Elites or Solos) by way of an Arcana Skill Check. DC = 15 + Monster’s level. (The check can be assisted using skills associated with the monster’s Monster Knowledge Check. Example: You can assist the Arcana check with Nature when dealing with a Natural Beast) Failure yields components equal to half the monster’s level. Success yields components equal to 2d10 plus the monster’s level and an additional 1d10 for every 10 you beat the DC.

Rare Herbs can be gathered by way of a Nature Check. DC = 20.
Made during travels in natural areas (once per day)- Yields 1d4 Rare Herbs pus 1d4 for every 10 you beat the DC.
Made during downtime in natural areas, 8 hours of foraging (once per day)- Yields 2d10 Rare Herbs plus 1d10 for every 10 you beat the DC.

Ancient Library Books

Sometimes old tomes of forgotten knowledge are found in the old lost places of Earthynn. (The works of the great Barnaby Biggums are examples of such literary treasures.) The dusty frail books reveal insights into certain skills that have been lost or forgotten in the modern world. During an extended rest a character may read one such book. Upon completion the character gains an untyped +1 bonus to a specific Skill determined by the book (unknown until after book is read, but an INT check DC 20 may yield insights beforehand). After reading the book it disintegrates to dust, never to be read again. Sometimes books are found in better condition (denoted by a +1, +2, etc). The bonus applies to how many may read the book before it disintegrates. These are exceedingly rare.

House Rules

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