-The general idea is to have the town of Haverton be a “larger than it should be” town due to the orc siege of the nearby city of Suundrakk. Restricted trade routes divert merchants to the safety of Haverton to run their business.

-Haverton is ruled by Lady Dezra, a savvy and beautiful elven woman. She is an excellent business woman who tries to keep the town organized with the hope that it remains “larger”. She welcomes all newcomers into town with a polite but albeit strict request for keeping the peace. She often hires adventurers to keep the orc threat in the west to a minimum. The town guardsmen are very loyal to her; she pays well and, more importantly, on time.

-Haverton has two taverns:

The Belching Ogre – Despite the name, the Belching Ogre is a very popular and respected establishment. The ale is excellent, but its claim to fame is its mead.

The Grinning Kobold – Respectable in its own right, the Grinning Kobold caters to the common man, elf, dwarf, etc.

Population: Humans 70%, Halflings 10%, Elves 5%, Dwarves 5%, Half-Elves 5%, Other 5%


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