Fylles Haven

Fylles was a half-elf sailor, a very disreputable one, who was constantly smuggling pirated and illegal goods into ports all along the eastern coast. As time passed he grew too old and settled in a hidden cove to live out his days with the spoils of his exploits. The cove was very secluded, and as Fylles’s comrades found him out, they too began to settle into the Fylles Haven. Fylles passed on, but his hideout grew until it became a city whose inhabitants were free from reprisals. Fylles Haven was a city with no laws and all manner of folk sought it out. A powerful mage of the Parliament Arcane came to the city to explore magic deemed inappropriate within his order. This mage took it upon himself to shelter the city from the Conjunction. He succeeded mostly, though the city still stands, the land around it became drastically broken. The seas are volatile and the port city became an island city as the land drew itself away from the continent.

few have been able to reach Fylles Haven in the modern age, and the information they have brought back is not good. The city is even more lawless and corrupt, and the mage now rules the city. Many feel “Fylles Hole” is now a better title for this wretched place…

UPDATED – with current informtion:

When the Conjunction hit, only half of the city was saved. Why or how no one seems to know. The “Haven” has been secluded ever since, its people seemingly unaware or not caring that the Hole exists.
- A group called the Overseer’s Watch guards all entrance into the Haven. It is thought they are also responsible for occasional kidnappings and abductions occurring in the Hole. They are powerful and often magically equipped.

- The Overseer’s Watch is thought to be ruled by the mage who “saved” the city, others belive he has died and his underlings now rule.

- The Watch does not take kindly to strangers. They seem to know when unusual visitors arrive in the Hole. The people of the Hole believe they act quickly to stamp out any potential threats.

- The Parliament Arcane has sent magisters to gather information on the city. They quickly disappear.

- The Watch seldom comes into the Hole themselves, often paying thugs and the like to do their dirty work for them.

- There is a great goliath tribe residing in the forested mountains of the northeastern part of the island. Over the past 5 years great numbers of them have migrated down to make their way in the city. Their natural strength finds them quick work in the warehouses and docks, and as hired goons.

- There is no government or city watch in the Hole. Groups within the Hole have banded together to look out for one another, these groups eventually became akin to guilds. The various guilds and gangs keep an uneasy truce between themselves, but squabble often of who should “the fair share” of whatever profits or progress being made.

- About 30% of all the buildings in the Hole are nothing but stone shells. The old foundations of pre-Conjunction buildings. These are often still occupied by groups of homeless workers and vagrants, as well as gangs and poor families. They often have large fire-pits dug into the centers to keep their inhabitants warm.

- There is no organized city center or market place. Most merchants deal in any goods they can get their hands on. Often finding what you are looking for proves difficult. But the merchants are nothing if not resourceful.

there is one other inn, located near the road leading inland. The Spotted Badger. Both are managed by the same “hospitality guild.”

-The city is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Fylles Haven

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