Eladryssa is the goddess of the elves. She encompasses all of elven-kind. She was the first and most prolific of the Old Gods to involve herself in Earthynn during its early days.

She brought about the creation of the most successful and expansive race to ever grace Earthynn. Her strong connection with her people was their greatest blessing and their greatest curse. Her people suffered a great split when the three realms broke apart. They became the three elven races known today. The Eladrin, the Eladurin, and the Eladrow.

She is universally known as the Goddess of Magic and the Goddess of the moon and stars. After she brought about the conjunction of the realms she was driven insane and her personality and essence was splintered and fragmented, leaving her a complex goddess of diverse and differing ideas. Her three peoples view in her different ways.

The Eladurin see her as a goddess of Nature. She appears to them as a beautiful lithe woman with long hair of green and blue cascading behind her like the rivers and valleys of Earthynn. She is often clad in a dress composed of autumnal leaves of fiery orange and red and carries a bow thought to shoot arrows of sun light.

The Eladrin see her as a goddess of Magic. She appears to them as a tall pale skinned woman with black hair tumbling down behind her. Her jet black hair sparkles with stars and moons. Her silvery dress shines with brilliance as she moves and her silver longsword is constantly alight with moonlight.

The Eladrow view her as a goddess of the Shadows. Their depiction of her is of an alluring nude woman with long hair composed of spider webs flowing out behind her and wrapping about her.


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