The Domains of the Gods of Earthynn

I had far fewer gods in my world than most DnD worlds, so I gave the gods of Earthynn two extra Domains over the normal 3. (and the Earth Mother also got 5 just because it fit her portfolio) Also, when following the Pantheon of Four one can choose to worship a specific god, or worship the Pantheon as a whole (granting access to a different grouping of Domains) – and since the Pantheon of Four gods are still in their “infancy” and somewhat amorphous.. their is a “flux” domain that changes based on the worshiper. (basically you can pick your own in accordance with the DM, as long as it makes sense – for example – Orcs worshiping Unyssa will probably have War as another of her Domains, or maybe Destruction, whereas the people of Seaburgh have her with Sea or Storm). So the Old Gods provide you with more Domians, but the Young Gods provide you with versatility. :)


The Old Gods

Eladryssa: Arcana, Skill, Wilderness, Madness, Life

Rostuun: Earth, Protection, Strength, Fate, Knowledge

Tiamat: Creation, Luck, Change, Trickery, Freedom

The Chained God: Darkness, Destruction, Vengeance, Torment, Undeath


The Pantheon of Four

Pantheon: Life, Strife, Death, Justice

Teyah: Hope, Life, Love, (flux)

Unyssa: Strife, Freedom, Change, (flux)

Rothn: Death, Darkness, War, (flux)

Aryn: Civilization, Knowledge, Justice, (flux)


The Earth Mother: Life, Creation, Sun, Moon, Wilderness


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