Adventure Log

Written by Malkyr –scout of the party (071611)

Well, it was about dang time! Tyrre hadn’t gotten back to us in a while. You see, my companions and I work for this guy, Tyrre Malus. Better stated…he gets us jobs. Sometimes we get cool jobs like “acquiring” things or guarding the town from orcs, but usually we do boring stuff like escort high and mighty nobles from place to place. They are so arrogant and annoying…but it pays for the ale. And Haverton has some great ale spots. Most of the people in town ignore me. They don’t like me, I can tell (I’m a Drow by the way) , but apparently, most of my kind are like evil and stuff. At least I have two big Dragonborn cronies to watch my back. Abraxus and Lisvahk really do come in handy in their heavy armor when the populous thinks I’m about to eat their kids or whatever. I think Cruven likes walking near the dragonmen as well. Cruven is a Tiefling, and he gets just about as many “looks” as I do. So anyway, that’s us:

Abraxus is a warpriest. I owe him my life many times over, but I guess when you have the gift to heal, many people owe you their lives.

Lisvahk is a cavalier. I haven’t really figured out what that means yet, but I know he has healed my scrawny butt a few times too. Apparently I need to get better at this fighting thing if I have all theses guys healing me all the time. Hmm, I wonder if I should take up the crossbow. You can stay hidden and use one of those…

Then there’s Cruven Blackbard the mage. He can really throw the magic around.

Me? My name’s Malkyr and I’m a scout. I usually take point and do all the shadowy stuff. I would love to swing weapons like the big guys or throw magic like Cruven, but you know you’ve got to make do with what the gods give you.

Anyway, back to Tyrre and our new job. He told us to meet a Halfling at a drinking hole called the Barkskin Brewery. Apparently, it’s a day south of Guldin Falls. Never been in those parts…I hope the ale’s good. It took a couple days, but we finally got there and met up with Throkas (little guy with black hair and a really weird looking huge nose). He says we are to escort him and his master, who rides in a wagon, to a place called Greenport. We have to travel across almost the whole continent and then board a ship to some island. I have never been on a boat or a ship. That should be fun…I hope. Throkas’ master is apparently ill and needs to be left alone for the duration of the trip. Oh and now that I have seen him in action, Throkas is a master wagoneer. Dang, that guy can put that wagon of his through the tightest of spaces. It’s pretty impressive. Anyway, at some point on our journey, Cruven tells us that there’s a strong magical aura around the wagon and he thinks that Throkas wears a magical item as well. I wonder what’s in that wagon. One day I thought I caught a glimpse (a woman?) when I was passing the door to the wagon at the same time Throkas just happen to be opening the door, heh. Well, we got to see her (I think it’s a her) a few days later.

We came up on this place in the road. There was a huge mound of dirt (funnily enough, seeing it after the battle, I should have known it was a giant anthill, but how often are anthills six feet high?) Before we knew it we were attacked…by ants. Remember the six foot anthill, well; the ants were that big too! They came in waves. Some crawled on the ground and some flew. We managed to take out the ones that attacked, but there had to be more coming soon, so we took off as fast as we could. Oh, the lady, right… One of the ants actually knocked the wagon over and she had to flee into the woods. We rescued her, fixed the wagon, and got underway. Throkas was really upset about his master having to be put out. She didn’t seem too angry. Here’s hoping the rest of this job goes a little smoother.

Malkyr out…

Adventure Log

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