Maresk Thorntongue

A shifter who follows The Green while he wanders the world


Druid Razorclaw Shifter

13 Str 13 Con 16 Dex 11 Int 18 Wis 10 Cha

HP: 25 max / 12 bloodied / 6 per healing surge 8 surges/day

AC: 17 Fort: 11 Ref: 14 Will: 15

Spd: 7

Passive Insight/Perception: 14/21


Acrobatics: 4 Athletics: 5 Dungeoneering: 4 Heal: 9 Insight: 4 Nature: 9 Perception: 11 Stealth: 4 Thievery: 2

Class Features

Balance of Nature Primal Aspect: Primal Predator (+1 Spd w/o heavy armor) Wild Shape


Ritual Caster Blurring Claws (+2 dmg w/ combat advantage while razorclaw shifting)

At Will Powers

Wild Shape Savage Rend Call of the Beast Pounce

Encounter Powers

Razorclaw Shifting Darting Bite

Daily Powers

Fire of Life


Maresk was born in a town where they believed that shifters were a gift from Unyssa, the godess of Chaos. He was raised by a loving and caring family, in a town that revered his kind. But he found that life too stultifying and boring. So he left to wander the world.

In his wanderings, after days of not eating or sleeping, he discovered a force that he called The Green, a force that he believed to be an echo of the lost primordials. And he decided to follow the call of this force.

Maresk Thorntongue

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