Clara Clove

Mayor of Seaburgh


A middle aged halfling woman, reddish hair, pretty features and a plump form. She is often smiling, her eyes glittering along with her earrings (also made with the famous Seaburgh Stones). She has a way of putting people at ease. She works everyday to better the town she calls home and takes her job as mayor very seriously.


The Clove family has lived in this area for generations, originally hailing from Murasha. After the Conjunction the scions of her family were scattered and those who dwelt in Murasha perished with the city itself. Clara and her parents came south in an attempt to reclaim and rebuild in their families old homeland.

As mayor of Seaburgh Clara has her hands in all of the town’s affairs. She works in the local tavern, the town hall, the temple, and has even been seen down in the shipyards. Though her very busy life makes her hard to track down. At times it seems she is no where to be found, only to then show up hard at work with some of the townsfolk.

Clara Clove

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