Tiefling Sorcerer


Nowhere was born into a human family as a result of an affair with a teifling traveling with a group of rogueish entertainers. His ‘father’ was unwilling to allow this child to remain with the family and so gave him to a distant orphanage days after birth.

The young teifling was given the name Nawar, and grew up enduring taunts from children and cold looks from adults. He quickly learned to rely on himself and to try to go unnoticed. At the age of 12, he ran away (actually encouraged to leave by one of the sympathetic female human caregivers), and dove into the wilderness.

His wild magic manifested itself quickly after that. With his newfound power, he finally had a way to defend himself.

Adjusting his name to Nowhere, he began wandering the countryside in search of adventure and danger.

Nowhere tends to be a challenging individual to socialize with, spouting sarcasm and abrasive comments. In combat, he draws on his pent up fury of his past to cause as much destruction as possible. While traveling and exploring, Nowhere will take time to make detailed maps and sketches of his findings.

Despite his disagreeable nature and insatiable wonderlust, Nowhere will still form friendships (at least for a short time) and go on quests.


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