Tales of the Northwinter

One adventure involved escorting a group of Falledge’s merchants and craftsmen, up through the mountain passes. The trip was to be very profitable, but transporting all of their goods was a tedious and dangerous task. On the way, the caravan was attacked by dwarven and human brigands riding dire boar mounts which had to be fought off. Their armor was emblazoned with a crude symbol resembling a predatory bird head with a rune of some kind behind it. During the battle Gramorn Samulkin, a dwarven merchant and head of one of the most prominent families in Falledge, was lost down a deep crevasse. With the caravan safe for the moment the search began until Samulkin’s body was found, engulfed in a large tomb spider’s web. The party found themselves surrounded by a vile group of giant arachnids, poison dripping from their fangs. Though the group managed to fell many of the vile creatures, they were hoplessly outnumbered and were forced to flee without recovering Samulkin’s body nor the ancient family crest that he proudly had worn around his neck. After a rest, the caravan continued on its way.

Deception Indeed
Upon reaching the city of Rostundarum, the party encountered the dwarven mob boss, Adin Darmek, who hired the party to kidnap Vonin Orbek, one of his rivals, forcing them to alter their plans. After speaking to Orbek, Darmek’s plans began to become clear… to wring the location of an artifact, known as the Scepter of Deception, out of Orbek. Orbek’s men had found the artifact, knew of its power, but planned to simply sell it to the highest bidder. Darmek planned to use the artifact’s abilities to make a grab for power in the region and the party was forced to intervene, capturing Darmek and delivering him to the authorities. The scepter is now locked in the city vault. Returning to Falledge was then very challenging. Despite the fact that they had put a stop to the mad man’s push for power, his underlings and even Orbek’s men (still annoyed at the loss of profit) sought revenge. The party endured several assassination attempts as they traveled.

A week later, Fenys, one of the town’s best trappers, did not return home. He was last seen wandering aimlessly just outside of town near the northwestern edge of the Northwinter woods. The party ventured in and found that Fenys had been ensorcelled by a nymph. Fenys explained that Cayde had told him stories of a magical tomb, hidden within a mysterious ravine known as the “Geunant Dirgel” that could revive the dead. Fenys sought the tomb in hopes of healing his dying wife, who not even Mathrin could heal. Eventually, he was able to locate “Geunant Dirgel”, but a wandering nymph attacked him. Fenys convinced the party to help him find the tomb and heal his wife.

As the group descended into “Geunant Dirgel”, they encountered and dispatched the unholy guardians of the tomb, a pair of mummy guardians. Inside, the adventurers found an arcane laboratory of sorts, containing various manuscripts, books, and other artifacts. In the center of the tomb was a large stone sarcophagus. Among the research and writings of a wizard called, Ezra Glavin, the party discovered that it was actually the shroud contained within the sarcophagus that bestowed the healing. Bayros discovered that the shroud was lent to one of the elders of Rostundarum, a Dwarf named of Brekkin Tripel-Ale. Hassinzazi found reference to a magical skeleton key thought stolen by a famous halfling thief, named Ishtok Squirreltale. Unfortunately, the party wasn’t able to find the key and the missing shroud in the tomb, so the party returned to Falledge. As soon as they returned, Vimak healed Fenys’ wife.


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