Rest with Ruiger

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You found some papers in the warehouse:
They are non-descipt, no official seals or anything. Two pages seem to be papers containing orders for a Captain Tyurk. They consist of a list of names and some notes.

-Sally Starlyte – tied to higher power, verified by our outsider informant. Potent artifact present, proceed with extreme caution, use expendables first.

-Ruiger, the Missing Arcanist, has been keeping his head low, the tieflings have a lead on him, bring in or eliminate him.

There are a handful of other people listed, most just sound like troublemakers or crooks. Most just listed as “eliminate unless deemed useful – use your discretion”. You do not recognize any of the other names.

The additional page is a requisition write-up from Captain Tyurk to his superiors, unfinished. Seems to be asking for a second squad under his command, also asks that perhaps an “akuma” or “outsider” under his command would be beneficial…looks like he was having difficulty coming up with a convincing arguments… lots of things scratched out.. mentions Brea would make a great permanent addition to his squad, then scratched out.

Its obvious that Ruiger is not used to such rough conditions, during your time in his hideout, he constantly complains about being cold, uncomfortable, or just about anything he can think of. He says there’s magic for these situations, but hes afraid of attracting unwanted attention just to heat up and dry off. It seems like he was “saving up” his complaints until there was someone who would listen to them. You know from your earlier conversation that he carries the title “Magus Extremis” within the Parliament Arcane, and was sent here on a mission… and he dislikes this city.

“Brea and Senni… hmmm… Well I can’t say I know them, but I know of them. They have quite a reputation in the Hole. Most people love them or fear them. From what I can gather they make a living keeping eyes on everyone and ratting people out to the Overseer’s Watch. Why others haven’t lynched them by now is a testament to just how good they are at controlling people in this city. No one messes with them, they work with them or for them, or they stay out of their way. Brea is, well, kind of a slut from what I hear, and she uses that to her advantage, one of her many weapons. But Senni, she’s the dangerous one… The one people seem to be the most afraid of. Apparently she is a powerful mage and has a very bad temper. From what I have observed, they both use borrowed power. As to why they are rounding people up… I guess its just to insure their secret, whatever it is… stays secret. They know that myself and my fellow magisters are here to investigate the city. Maybe they just don’t want anyone in the city with enough power to challenge them… whoever they are.”

“Now…ruins, landmarks, tombs?… hmmm, well, I spent very little time outside the walls, and when I did, I did not venture very far. Most of the people living here were born in the city, most the generations of folks who lived outside the walls are long gone, well…most. This is where most people took shelter during the Conjunction, it was one of the Parliament’s protected cities. And long before that is was a pirate city, set up as a place for privateers to hide out, there wasn’t much traipsing about in the wilderness then I’d imagine… The current generation, depending on race, of this city, are almost all born city dwellers. You recall your recent history right?”

Abraxus nods

“Hmm, well, it was the Parliament Arcane who kept most of the world alive during the Conjunction. Our magisters protected the great cities that still stand today. One such magister protected Fylles Haven, his name was Thallet Ruzenol. The city, even then, was so far from the rest of the civilized world, that the Parliament did not have a great presence in the city, and Thallet had set up shop there due to his… more radical… magical experiments. He was a standing member of our order, but not a stand up member, if you catch my meaning. When the Conjunction drew near, he – sod… this floor is so rutting cold, anyone have an extra blanket? – anyway…when the Conjunction drew near Thallet took it upon himself to protect the city, it was so distant from most of the Order, there was little that could be done. The Parliament could not bring enough power to bear on the city in time, so relying on Thallet was our only choice. But since the Conjunction, nothing has been heard from him, or any of his retainers or apprentices, servants… nothing. But there is a great power here that has been growing… and it was sensed by our more powerful prophetic magisters immediately after the Conjunction. Our immediate concern and inquiry was how Thallet did it. How he protected the city.. well.. er.. half of it anyway. Each city was protected in its own way, but those ways were known/discussed/decided upon by the arcanists in charge of the endeavor… Thallet did not reveal his plans to us. The Parliament just wants to know what is going on, and after seeing the current state of this city, they will only get more interested… I am thinking I should focus on getting out the city and report back what I do know… ummm…what did you ask me? Oh yeah, ruins and tombs! No…don’t know of any.”

“If anyone does, its the goliaths. From what I have gathered, they were well established in the area even before the Conjunction and were not associated with Fylles Haven, they were here before the city was established… the tribes were much smaller after the Conjunction, but they survived. They were dwelling up in the mountains… though from the stories I have heard… they say the land abandoned them. They say the Earth Mother doesn’t speak to them anymore. And not just them, I heard them speak of minotaurs, a small tribe of them that were distant allies of the goliath tribes, friendly rivals if you will… who confirmed, and also felt the Earth Mother’s absence. Well, after much time, when things finally solidified a bit, the tribes decided to get together for a great moot, or sorts, all their elders and shamans, wise ones , etc, traveled to a holy place for the meeting… and none of them returned… gone. vanished. leaving their peoples lost and leaderless… this is what eventually brought the goliaths into the city… though I hear most of the minotaurs left the island all together. There is bound to be some elder goliaths in the city who could point you in the right direction.”

“Holy sod, I have carried on long enough, you probably want to sleep… though how one sleeps on this blasted wet stone is beyond me….so I will.. – whats that? A plague? Oh my… * covers his mouth* … there’s a plague?!? Where did you get such and idea? No, I have not heard of any such thing…why do you ask? Now, I really should get out of this city…now there’s a gorram plague???"

“Well, whatever you’re doing here, or whoever you’re working for, best be careful. Members of the Watch were killed by someone, the tieflings were there as well… hell is going to break loose soon. I will need to continue hiding and moving about until I can procure a means of leaving the city… but I will check back here every few days. Leave a mark on the wall is you need to speak with me. Getting out will much harder than getting in, they knew we were here as soon as we stepped off the boat… have yet to figure out how they accomplished that…”

He grumbles a bit more before falling asleep…


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