Adventure Log 6-7

Adventure Log 6-7

Down the Hole

The group of intrepid adventurers made their way toward Castle Ambriel (known locally as the “sunken castle”) The terrain as they approached the castle was even more ruined than the rest of the city and the ground was broken and cracked. The roads and buildings actually seem to have been sucked down into a giant sink hole where the castle used to stand. Looking down the 100ft hole, the castle ruins lay at the bottom. The party ties a rope and begins their descent. Some members climbed, some members were lowered down, others jumped… with mixed results. The descent was not without peril as obsidian gargoyles attacked the party with ferocity as they dangled like bait on a hook.

Upon reaching the bottom they gazed upon the castle, fully intact and standing proud beneath a starry sky. They found themselves in the Shadowfell. Venturing inside the stalwart warriors encountered visions of great floods, distraught mobs of people, and destruction. A magic shield was plucked from the wreckage of a smithy and the party went forthwence towards the stables. A sickly hippogriff, chained down amid swarms of scarabs, was rescued and befriended during a fervent battle with the swarms and a mighty umberhulk. Some lengths of old chain and a couple locks are scavenged and hoarded.

Keeps in the Shadowfell

Exploring the three round keeps they discovered several storage rooms filled with sacks… one was magical. Proceeding towards the blocky square keep the party searched it thoroughly encountering the remnants of the castle guard, who after ringing the warning bell, became ghouls and attacked the party. Magic armors are found and donned in the armoury. The explorers continued and then ventured atop the walls and entered the main keep. The top floors held living quarters, including the Lord’s bedchamber where his ghostly image gazed into a ghostly mirror before vanishing. His large wedding painting leaned against the wall, gathering dust. At the apex of the great keep the ghostly image appeared again, this time Lord Ambriel was the Lord of the Dance and he sashayed with the ghostly image of Shillastre the Multifacted, a woman who was most assuredly, not his wife. Venturing further into the keep a secret room was found, filled with a magical cracked mirror and a living treasure chest.

The Lady of the House is Home

Taking the stairs down the party entered the great hall. Images of a dinner party danced in the heads only to be replaced by a scene of a crowd watching the entrance of a stately woman to court, only to be replaced by a dark black fire burning in the center of the room. An old woman, the aged form of the Lord’s wife sits in a throne on the dais. Painting depicting Shillastre and her tower adorn the walls, and group of Dark Creepers hide amid the room. The altar is revealed as the Altar of Shadowfire and the wife is revealed as a hag. A conversation of sorts happens, and references to the Betrayer and the Betrothed expressed the hag-ified Lady Ambriel’s hatred for everything, with an emphasis on Shillastre the Multifaceted.. She reveals the mirror’s purpose, transportation, and also that she is not powerful enough to fix it. The conversation is followed by battle. The heroes are victorious once again. Exploring the kitchen and the chapel some valuable wine is found in a secret stash. and some magic robes are discovered and worn.

Prison Break

Heading to the lower levels some store rooms and servants quarters give way to dungeons. Ghostly guards begin screaming of a prisoner escape before attacking. The old disgruntled minotaur jailor and spirits of the former prisoners join the fray. The displaced souls of the tortured possessed some of heroes in attempt to lock them away, but their minds were too strong. The wrenched victory from the enemies before them. The only other passage was down the well. The deep well led into a large open chamber full of water. Shark infested water. Using rituals and ingenuity the party ventured below and slew the evil fish. Exploration further down the underground river proved difficult.

Marresk saved the day.

Dealing with Demons

Returning to the castle, venturing outside, coercing the hippogriff to follow, climbing back up the rope, the party found themselves in a city. One with dark empty buildings, but buildings still standing under a starry sky. They were still in the Shadowfell, their forms having become attuned to the realm were unable to cross back over. Searching about the shadow-city the made their way to the library amid alleyways filled with spider webs. They were not the only ones seeking its knowledge that day. Gultreax the Vrock, previously freed by the party’s good will, rummaged through the remains of the structure. A dialogue began, and ended with a deal. Gultreax would provide them passage back to Earthynn and they would do a boon for him. They agreed to slay the Sewer Lord before two phases of the moon passed. Gultreax conducted his ritual as a myriad of spidery creatures attacked. The party valiantly defended the Vrock from the arachnid terrors, and upon completion of the portal conjuring, dived through and returned home.


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