Adventure Log #4

Into the Depths

After a short “stint” back in Seaburgh, the explorers ventured back to the ruined city of Murasha.

Scavenging from the Scavengers

The party returned to the old watch towers to begin their trek below grounds to find the “Sewer Lord”. Before entering the tunnels; however, a noise drew their attention. Some odd undead creatures(witherlings) with hyena skulls for heads and antlers for claws, had discovered the dead kenku and were rooting through their tower looking for “raw” materials. The party scaled the outside of the tower and and began making their way down inside the former “tower of death”. A lone witherling stood in the room, and upon being engaged, let out a horrible withering shriek. Soon other witherlings were crawling in the windows and a foul specter appeared to feast on the anguish of the living. The unlife of their foes was snuffed out with ease by the adventurers.

Upon heading into the depths of the ruins of Murasha the party discovered the moist underground of the city to be a complex web of dripping tunnels. Tracks of strange reptiles are found and subsequently followed. A tunnel leading downward lured them into the deep underground of the city… water, muck and danger became ever more prevalent.

River Crossings

One tunnel that is stumbled upon is completely flooded… an underground river of storm water. The party set a rope across the expanse to aid in swimming. All is fine until Nowhere begins his trek across. The reptiles they had tracked down here made their appearance. Many foul bloodthirsty sahuagin, thirsty for foul blood emerged from their watery hidey holes. battle ensued, some of these fish/lizard people were stronger than others, but all seemed to get excited and crazed at the sight of blood in the water. These fish-people were handily defeated.

Forest spirits were summoned and chimes were set as sleep overtook them…

Dark Rooms with Dark Dwarves

Delving further into the sewers, newer non-reptilian humanoid tracks were uncovered, and deeper in the party discovered a lone sahuagin sentry. The sahaugin relaxed, staring longingly at his pearl until… Bartock. The master of stealth, crept up to him… only to fall on his face, spoiling the fish-man’s peacefully pearly thoughts. The battle began and led them into a room where a narrow bridge traversed a muddy pit full of a mudlasher and his mud. A dark skinned dwarf hid behind the far door taking pot shots at his foes. The reptilians, elementilian and duergarian were all defeated. A key was discovered with a fish head design…

Two passageways lain before them, and they took the left…

A series of rooms were found including an armory… and a room with fish heads in the walls. The sahuagin inside were dispatched and the room’s diabolical trap was tampered with. The carved fish heads would spew no drowning torrents this day… (or were at least be slowed in doing so…) Beyond, in another room, a weird drainage room is found… three portals lead out, one completely hidden in darkness, the others holding sahuagin and dripping water into a strange pool in the room’s center. Duergar milled about the room, including Rumdax, Duergar Champion.

Draconic Dialogues

After a short discourse with Rumdax, the Sewer Lord decided to show herself. Her long reptilian head snaked out of the dark portal and her black scales seemed to suck in the light around her. The black dragon came partially out of her hole to talk and a few things were revealed by the party’s discussion with the dragon. The kenku roost is most likely in the old harbor district of the city, a fact the dragon had been seeking, the crows were a nuisance to her. She had held an audience with the “vulture” but the crows have yet to make it to her… she knows nothing of their mistress and did not seemed worried abut her, despite Dyrge’s emphatic explanations of her power. The exchange of information continued… there may be “keys” or “methods” to get into the tower of Shillastre the Multifaceted… one may be in the library and one may be in the “sunken castle”. Once the dragon’s exchange was complete, she departed back into her hole. Her champion chose to continue the discussion with aggressive negotiations. During the battle, Rumdax was knocked into the acid pool by the mighty Golaith, but it didn’t seem to phase him. and upon reaching a bloodied state he grew to a massive size…and layeth’d some smack down. In the end, he was still defeated. The party’s power was… that great. Watching eyes, hiding in the darkness, took note…

Dangerous Dark Duergarian Liasons

The other path of tunnels led to a series of sleeping chambers and at the end of the hallway, an alchemical workshop of sorts. This was no empty hallway though, for more foul duergar filled it with their dark bulks. They were led by a theurge of the female persuasion and assisted by a mantle of the dark persuasion. In the end, only the dark mantle was standing… and it was quickly dispatched. After copious looting, the party hunkered down in the room… resting for what may lay ahead.


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